Why is having an ergonomic chair for your office so important?

Now that many people are going back to the office, at least part-time, they may be spending more time working undisturbed, sitting in one spot, than they have in the past several months. If they haven’t experienced any pain or discomfort so far, that’s a good sign. But without having the proper office chair for ergonomic support, problems can begin for the lower back and neck. These issues reduce productivity, amplify lack of focus, and (research has shown) could lead to increased absenteeism.

There are several reasons why purchasing ergonomic chairs for your office is a good idea:

Rear Seat Cutout1. Support your body
When sitting at a desk for extended periods of time without the proper support, your body becomes fatigued and you may start to experience pain or discomfort, often in the lower back. Having a quality, a well-designed ergonomic chair will allow most users of different sizes – including big and tall – to achieve good support where you need it.

2. Achieve a neutral posture
Superior ergonomic office chairs have different adjustments to make sure you have the ideal neutral posture alignment to prevent many long-term health issues. For example, LIFEFORM® chairs have over 20 ergonomic options, like adjustable lumbar support and seat slider depth, to fit your individual needs. Our unique contour seat design distributes your weight evenly and decreases pressure points on the back of the thighs and tailbone.

3. Reduce neck problems
Reduce neck problemsIssues with the lower back are discussed most often, but your neck and shoulders are also at risk for long-term issues if you have an office chair without the proper neck support. Some ergonomic chairs have built-in headrests (like the LIFEFORM® High-Back chairs) or they can be added to the design (Executive Mid-Back chairs) to help improve blood flow, which increases concentration while reducing neck muscle strain and stiffness or injury that may occur.

Mitigate wrist issues
Having armrests that can be adjusted to appropriately support the weight of your arms reduces muscle strain in the shoulders and upper arms. As well, armrests are beneficial when using the keyboard or mouse, to prevent strain which can lead to long-term wrist issues. Ideally, your armrests have a swivel function and a height adjustment so they can be positioned where and when you need them.

4. Identify unique solutions for back pain
not all ergonomic office chairs are created equal. Innovations need to be made, grounded in science-based evidence, to improve our work lives. At LIFEFORM®, we pride ourselves on keeping your comfort and your health top of mind.

That’s why we were so interested in the Core-flex® technology, created right here in Canada.

Most back pain and discomfort is caused by the inability of our body to move naturally. The ultimate solution is to re-engage postural support muscles by providing natural motion to the legs, pelvis, and core. When the core muscles are engaged through motion, the back is in a healthier posture. Research also shows that movement is important for thinking and creativity, spinal fitness, and the maintenance of a healthy metabolism.

With LIFEFORM®’s Core-flex® unique split seat design, the motion of the alternating sides stimulates natural movement. This “dynamic sitting” increases circulation in the largest muscles of the body, especially in those we sit on. Sitting with one leg slightly lower than the other off-weights the opposite ischia, or tail bone.

Improving the working lives of the people in your organization is a wise investment. There are numerous benefits that quality ergonomic office chairs bring to your bottom line and the future health and productivity of your workforce. Please contact our Customer Service representatives, who will be happy to offer help or advice on the types of ergonomic chair or posture supports we offer.