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Brisa Ultrafabric

Brisa Ultrafabric®, the best office chair covering for style and ease of cleaning.

Your office chair can be beautiful, stylish and oh-so-easy to clean (even to CDC standards). Here’s how:

Preparing for the return to work at your office requires tremendous flexibility and resilience. As workplace leaders, or those responsible for getting ready to welcome employees and visitors back, you’re busy. There are so many things you need to think about.

Choosing the best chair fabric can be daunting

Brisa Fabric cleaning

Now is a good time if your company is rethinking the upholstery choice on your office chairs and wanting different, safer options to the traditional cloth. There are lots of alternatives to choose from these days. From natural materials like leather to man-made, your choices are virtually unlimited. Innovation in fabric technology has also widened that choice.

What if you could simply wipe and go? There is now a man-made, sustainable, no-fuss, no mess fabric – Brisa Ultrafabric® which can solve many of your cleaning dilemmas. No messing around with unpleasant, harsh, smelly cleaners or waiting for the cloth to dry, Brisa is extremely easy to clean and disinfect with soap and water. It will save you and your coworkers time and energy and relieve the stress that they’re not getting their chair quite clean enough. Less worry about the germs or viruses that might make people sick.

Other important advantages for switching to an office chair made with Brisa:

    • It’s a healthy choice – A GreenGard fabric, no harsh chemicals are used in the production and it’s sustainable and vegan-friendly. It also contributes to credits towards your LEEDS certification. It’s been certified Indoor Advantage Gold by SCS Global.
    • It’s comfortable – breathable technology keeps you cool and comfortable, no matter how long you sit in your chair
    • It’s designed for softness, beauty and durability – available in a variety of colours and styles
    • And of course, we can design it with over 20 ergonomic options for you and your coworkers’ specific needs to relieve or avoid pain
    • Our process of personalization and customization remains the same as on all LIFEFORM® chairs. As well, Brisa is offered on all models of chair.
    • It won’t be a strain on your budget – it has the look and feel of leather but it’s not as expensive

Brisa Swatches

If you want a winning triple-header of a safe, easier-to-clean office chair that is also ergonomic, look no further than the Brisa Ultrafabric®.

You have enough on your plate right now. Let LIFEFORM® help make your load a bit lighter (and your chair a lot more comfortable) with an office chair made with Brisa Ultrafabric®. It’s the only option for your and your employees’ health and peace of mind.