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At LIFEFORM®, our dedication to unparalleled craftsmanship and quality resonates in every chair we create. As you navigate this page, you’ll find a clear outline of our warranty terms, helping you understand the coverage and value you receive with each purchase.  

Your trust is paramount. Thus, every aspect of our limited warranty is designed with transparency and your satisfaction in mind. Dive in, and as always, our team stands ready to assist.

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LIFEFORM® Limited Warranty Overview

LIFEFORM® is dedicated to superior craftsmanship and quality. Our limited warranty is a testament to this commitment, offering coverage from the date of purchase on various components, from structural elements to cushioning, fabric, and accessories. While our warranty encompasses a broad range of aspects, it’s important to note certain exclusions such as damages due to misuse, normal wear and tear, or environmental factors. The warranty service includes a straightforward claim process and support from our dedicated team. Detailed terms, conditions, and procedures are provided in specific warranty documents, alongside resources like maintenance tips and videos to ensure you receive optimal product longevity.

Need Assistance with Your LIFEFORM® Chair?

We understand that sometimes questions arise or assistance may be needed for your LIFEFORM® Chair. If applicable, we recommend first reaching out to the retailer where you made your purchase. Many times, they possess the local expertise and resources to swiftly address your concerns or provide necessary parts or repairs. We recognize, however, that for a variety of reasons, this isn’t always feasible. Rest assured, the LIFEFORM® team is always here to support you. If you approach us directly, we’ll request some verification details such as your chair’s serial number and proof of purchase to ascertain the validity of your warranty. If your warranty isn’t active, no worries – we’re committed to working with you towards a satisfactory resolution regardless.  If you have any questions whatsoever, don’t hesitate to call us in Canada and USA Toll Free 800-661-8568 or local 403-720-3966 or email us at

Making a warranty claim
Please submit your warranty service claims promptly.   For your warranty claims to be effective, you must submit your claims within 30 days of noticing the defect.

You must provide a valid serial number and proof of purchase (Bill of Sale/Receipt) to verify your warranty.   Submit your claims through the Warranty Claim Form to ensure proper handling.  For claims which require visual or audio confirmation, you must provide us with a clear picture and/or video of the claim.   If you refuse to send us the picture/video that we need to process your claim, we may assume that you cannot substantiate your claim or have abandoned your claim.

LIFEFORM®’s warranty service enables you to service your own Product.  For defects in faulty parts, we will send the replacement parts to you free of charge for a period as outlined in our warranty and provide you with the necessary replacement instructions.  

The warranty start date is determined by the date shown on the Original Bill of Sale/Customer Receipt.   The shipping fee for replacement products and parts covered under warranty will be covered for Canadian Provinces and the United State’s forty-eight (48) contiguous states and the District of Columbia with the method of shipping at LIFEFORM® ‘s discretion for the first year of ownership.

Replacements may vary slightly in looks from what you bought because some of our parts are finished by hand and could be the result of differences in materials which range from dye lot differences or natural leather variations.  Replacement parts will be warranted until the end of the warranty period for the original parts which they replaced or two (2) years from the date you receive the replacement items, whichever is later.

It may be necessary to ship back faulty parts to LIFEFORM® to have them repaired.  If so, we will collect the defective parts from you at our own cost within the warranty period.  Please note, this only applies to parts located in Canadian Provinces and the lower contiguous 48 United States and the District of Columbia.

Should you require us to repair and/or replace an item that is out of warranty, you will pay for all the costs of repair and/or replacement.  Examples of these costs are transportation expenses both to and from LIFEFORM®, including but not limited to, packaging, shipping, customs brokerage and taxes.  As well as the applicable fee to repair/replace the out of warranty part.   

Adjustment Videos

Discover the perfect fit for your body and office by visiting our Adjustments Video page.  Learn how to customize your chair for optimal comfort and support. Make your workspace work for you with simple setup tips.

Care and Cleaning

Keep your LIFEFORM® Chair looking and functioning at its best with our Care and Cleaning guide. From routine maintenance to specific cleaning tips, find all the advice you need to preserve the quality of your chair. Ensure longevity and performance with our expert recommendations.  

Maintenance Instructions

Ensure your LIFEFORM® Chair remains in peak condition with our Maintenance Instructions. Find easy-to-follow steps and tips to care for your chair effectively. Visit our page to extend the life and performance of your investment.  

Warranty Claim Form

For any Warranty Claims you may have, you must complete the form through this QR link or go to our website:   

For questions or clarification about our warranty or claims process please call our Customer Service Department at 800.661.8568 or email

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