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Top trends for your 2021 home office: don’t just improve productivity and well-being, look good doing it

As the new year continues to throw curveballs our way, one thing that seems to be a constant is the number of people still working from home. Whether you’re self-employed or displaced from the office, we’re getting into the grove of longer-term work-from-home restrictions, our new “co-workers” (cue the family dog on your Zoom calls), and our new work stations.

Whether you fall into the “resigned” camp or you enjoy the flexibility of remote work, for the foreseeable future, our homes will continue to double as our office. Many of us are looking for ways to build a dedicated office space that inspires productivity and minimizes distractions. A space that is also appealing enough that we want to go and sit down every day. 

If you had a home office prior to COVID, it was likely crammed in an empty corner of the spare bedroom, in the basement with little natural light or at the dining room table. Those with dedicated home offices were often entrepreneurs, who never had a corporate office or executives with larger homes and bigger budgets. But even these offices typically lacked the essentials for a long-term or permanent solution.

So how do we build an office space that feels like home but functions like work? 

We spoke with local Calgary designer Rachel Borrelli of Diversa Designs to hear more about today’s home office trends. She gave us some ideas for creating the perfect functional and productive home office space. Whether it is redesigning your current home office or transitioning a new space, here are a few things to consider:

Choose a space with natural light

LIFEFORMIt’s no secret there are many benefits to natural light in office spaces. Studies have shown that when we’re exposed to plenty of sunlight and outdoor views, we’re calmer, healthier and more satisfied at work. Creating your home office in a room with plenty of natural light will provide you with all the same benefits you’d experience in the corporate office.

Personalize the space

Whether you’re selecting new pieces or redesigning with the ones you currently have, creating a space that is inviting and personalized to you is important. COVID has

“sped up how people are looking at their home offices”, says Rachel. “They want deeper connections to what they’re buying as they know they are working from home for some long-term, some permanently”. 

Selecting items that focus on your health and well-being but also showcase your values and style will help you enjoy the space, and ultimately be more productive. Choose from local and luxurious to vegan and minimal, take time to find the right pieces and colours that speak to you. Rachel suggests a few easy tips such as adding new paint, interesting wallpaper (yes it’s making a comeback!) or decor items such as a throw or pillows to bring your individual style.

LIFEFORM man and dog sitting at computer

Finally, ensuring you have the necessary tools to support your health

We don’t shy away from ensuring our corporate desk set up is as comfortable as possible. Yet at home, we tend to put little effort into creating an ergonomically safe home office. 

So what tools should we focus on for creating a productive home office? 

First off, Rachel advises you find a good quality home office chair. Ensure you have the right office chair that balances both comfort and support, whether you already experience discomfort or are looking to avoid injury. An ergonomic office chair will provide you with the proper lumbar and pelvic support you need to relieve stress on your back muscles, encourage good posture, lessen fatigue and improve your concentration. Focusing on your health and wellness while establishing your home office, is a worthy investment in you, and your future well-being. 

A few other essential tools for your home office could include:

  • Posture support, such as a footrest, or lumbar support cushion
  • A sit-stand desk
  • A laptop riser
  • A monitor
  • An external keyboard and mouse

At LIFEFORM® Chairs you can combine all the great benefits of having an ergonomic office chair at home, with a personalized design for your needs, lifestyle and budget. We have over 15 different ergonomic options to choose from. With a wide selection of customizations and upgrades, we’re focused on your health and well-being. Visit our Inspirations Centre to learn more about our natural, man-made and vegan upholstery and design options.