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About Us

Discover LIFEFORM® Chairs: Combining generations of craftsmanship with sustainability, our Calgary workshop crafts durable, comfortable seating solutions tailored for modern lifestyles. Explore our commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship.

Comfort Without Compromise

Uncover unparalleled comfort with LIFEFORM® Chairs on our Comfort Without Compromise page, where ergonomic excellence meets sustainable innovation for the ultimate seating experience.

Discover Our Upholstery Options

Explore our Upholstery Coverings page for comprehensive descriptions of each material, assisting you in selecting the ideal option for comfort, durability, and style.

Find Your Pain Relief

Explore pain-relieving solutions on our Find Your Pain Relief page, where LIFEFORM® Chairs’ innovative features are designed to reduce discomfort and prevent pain, ensuring your well-being and productivity.

World’s Most Customizable Chairs

Discover the unparalleled customization options with LIFEFORM® Chairs on our World’s Most Customizable Chairs page, showcasing the myriad ways to tailor your seating to fit your unique style and comfort preferences.