Flexibility and freedom to move during the day.
Choose an ergonomic stool.


Stools are a good option if you work in a doctor or dentist’s office, or anywhere where you need to move from one location to another. Providing lightweight freedom of movement, an ergonomic stool keeps your spine properly aligned. As well, they are a great option if more than one person will be using the stool, as the height and tilt-lock can be easily adjusted for multiple users.

Understanding how you sit, how often you move around and what tasks you perform at work can help you decide if a stool is right for you.

Saddle Stool 200

The Saddle Stool helps you maintain optimal posture

Lots of ups and downs and moving around while you’re working? The LIFEFORM® Saddle Stool is a great way to maintain your posture – keeping your spine aligned and ultimately reducing fatigue due to slouching. The saddle shape and tilt tension adjustment fits your body’s natural curves and promotes upright sitting. The height-adjustable Saddle Stool has a fully upholstered contour seat with a high-density foam core. With dual-wheel carpet casters, you can move around with ease.

Tailor Your Stool With Simulated Leather, Brisa Or Leather

Personalize your stool with the beautiful finish and quality for your space. Simulated leather and Brisa Ultrafabric® are an excellent application for medical applications where cleaning needs to be done more frequently. But you won’t be disappointed with the unique look and texture only real leather can provide.

Contour Stool 250

Keep your spine properly aligned and reduce fatigue

An ergonomic stool instead of a chair is probably your best option. The High-Density Foam Core seat of our Contour Stool, with our signature Front Waterfall Edge, has been designed to redistribute your body weight over a larger area. This reduces the strain on pressure points like your tailbone and the backs of your legs. The Contour Stool is height adjustable with a “free float” tilt lever that can lock in place when needed.


Because they’re easier to maneuver while promoting better circulation to alleviate lower limb and back fatigue, stools offer the flexibility you need.