Sit Much? Reduce the health risks

Over the last several years, you need only to pick up a newspaper to read daily reports of the health concerns caused by our 21st century sedentary lifestyle. If you work in an office or have a home-based business, it’s likely you’re spending significant amounts of time every day seated at a desk in front of a computer. And, as many of us have found out the hard way, this habit can lead to back, joint and muscle pain.

Sitting for extended periods is now considered by some to be the ‘new smoking’ — various studies indicate it can lead to even more serious health concerns: cardiovascular disease, obesity and Type 2 Diabetes, to name a few. Our bodies weren’t designed to be motionless for long stretches of time; we need to keep moving to maintain our health.

About 10 years ago, LIFEFORM® Chairs discovered the Core-flex® seat at a furniture trade show. The Core-flex® technology is the brainchild of Steve Pearse of Victoria, B.C., who had a simple mission: to build seating that enables the body to maintain healthy interaction with gravity and the environment. He began working on the seat in 2005; spent several years developing it and in 2009, tested the technology successfully at the Backfit Clinic, one of Western Canada’s busiest spinal rehab clinics. (Core-Flex Story).

With our focus on providing ergonomically designed office chairs – with a range of modular options for seats, arms, and backs — it was a natural fit for us to include the Core-flex™ seat for our clients. For more information about healthy sitting, please visit Core-flex – Healthy Sitting Guide

 How do Core-flex® seats work?

The reason many of us experience back pain after sitting is because — we’ve been sitting! Our bodies are designed to move. The core, which supports the back, is not meant to be static; it’s meant to be constantly moving. Our bodies are designed so that walking is the most common motion, and the large muscles of our legs and trunk are designed for constant, alternating exertion. Leg muscles aren’t meant to be sitting pads, and the supporting muscles of the spine tire rapidly when holding the back in a static sitting position, so a healthy posture starts with motion. (Core-flex – Natural Human Movement)

The Core-flex® technology allows the balanced alternating movement of the legs during sitting while keeping the upper body stable. The movement is designed to stimulate the muscles and give a gentle weight shift similar to walking. Intermittent movement in a chair with a Core-flex® seat provides the benefits of walking without the strain of standing.

With the constant postural shifts available on a Core-flex® chair, it’s easier to maintain a neutral posture, which is what’s needed to avoid muscle fatigue. For more information on how the seat movement works, visit Using the Core-flex seat. To learn more about how to engage your core, please refer to Engaging your Core.

Who can benefit from a Core-flex® seat?

For anyone whose work doesn’t allow them to take a break and get up to move around, the seat provides definite rewards and a reduction in muscle and joint pain. For those who are required to get up and move around frequently during the day, it still provides benefits, but it is more crucial for those who are sitting for extended periods. Read about how the Core-flex® seat has helped others. (Core-Flex Testimonial)

If you’re looking for an ergonomically designed chair and you’re experiencing a lot of discomfort or are concerned about the amount of time you are sedentary, consider adding the option of the Core-flex seat. It could make a big difference to your comfort level and to your health.

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