Get Pain Relief With Our Discreet Coccyx-Cut Out (tailbone) Posture Cushions!


Does this sound familiar?

  • You need to get up and walk around during the day to relieve pressure in your tailbone area
  • You recently had a bad fall backward and you still feel pain and throbbing in your tailbone every time you sit down
  • You’ve asked to stand during meetings because sitting is just too painful
  • You’re pregnant and have begun to experience tailbone pain when you sit down
  • You can’t take long car rides without constantly fidgeting to reduce the discomfort

When you have Coccyx pain, it may feel like you can’t get any relief. It is often a sharp and very specific pain.

Sudden onset of tailbone (coccyx) pain is usually associated with trauma, externally – such as from a fall backward onto the bone, or internally – such as in childbirth. However, onset can also be gradual; commonly related to sustained pressure from sitting or localized force or impact on your muscle. Similar pain can also come from your Sciatic muscle, which is found near your buttock area, very close to your tailbone.

So how can you reduce Coccyx pain?

Sitting in a position where the pelvis is rolled back places more load (i.e. weight) on the sitting bones and Coccyx. With the right support, like a specifically-designed cushion to hold your pelvis in the correct forward position, it takes the pressure off the coccyx and the pain is reduced. When there is less pressure, the area has a chance to heal. And you can get back to focusing on other things – other than the pain and discomfort.

So what do Coccyx Cushions look like?

Lifeform Foam Circle Cut out

Coccyx cushions are designed to look like a large U or a wedge – with an area on the back of the cushion which has been cut out. Because of this “missing” piece of cushion, the pressure is removed. As mentioned above, a coccyx cushion alters the pelvic position to redistribute your body weight further forward on your buttock area and sit bones, which can be particularly helpful.

The best cushions are made with supportive memory foam; a cushion with enough support so it doesn’t collapse when you put your weight on it but soft enough that you can sit comfortably without numbness.

The LIFE-Foam™ temperature and pressure-sensitive memory foam reduces pressure and improves circulation, conforming to your body and returning to its original form when not in use. Our material is also easy-to-clean and breathable for additional comfort.

How can you use our Coccyx support cushions?

We’ve spent years listening to our customers. As a result of your feedback, LIFEFORM® understands the pain and discomfort Coccyx injuries can create. You can’t concentrate on your work, you avoid concerts and sporting events, you can’t sit in the car for long periods of time. It takes a toll on your quality of life.

We are here to help.

Executive Seat CushionExecutive Seat CushionWe have designed both a portable posture seat cushion (with an optional Coccyx Cut-Out) you can take with you wherever you need to sit. So you can now – comfortably – go to that important hockey game, finally enjoy the next in-person concert or take that family trip you’ve been putting off.

In addition, we’ve engineered a special Coccyx cushion as part of our ergonomic office chairs. These exclusive cut-out cushions allow you to customize your chair and make you as comfortable and ergonomically supported as possible.

If you’re looking for Coccyx (tailbone) relief, look no further than LIFEFORM®.

While we normally call it a “tailbone”, the precise medical term is “coccyx”. It’s hard to say – and spell – so that’s one reason why it isn’t commonly used. It’s a small triangular bone located at the bottom of your spine. Composed of three smaller segments of bone, they align to resemble a shortened tail. Your coccyx is attached to your sacrum, a large bone that sits just below your last lumbar vertebra. Many ligaments attach to the coccyx helping to provide stability and support for the pelvis and its muscles.