Real, but not perfect. Natural leather office chairs – with a story.

Every leather hide has a unique story to tell.

Every leather hide has a unique story to tell. And each scar, insect bite and subtle shading is a tale in itself. When you choose natural leather for your customized LIFEFORM® ergonomic office chair, you have an amazing opportunity to contribute to another chapter in this story.

Many customers like their chair upholstery to be an even and uniform colour. And many hides are initially rejected for their natural wrinkles and color variations. But we welcome these differences. Not only do we love the sustainability of using each hide but we believe nothing adds richness to a room like leather. And after five generations of family furniture-making, we appreciate the stories natural leather tells.

Strong and durable, we also love that it offers something no other material can match. Because no two hides are identical, your chair will be unique as well. In the hands of our skilled craftspeople, the unique markings of each hide become celebrated features that separate sameness.

Strong and durable, we also love that it offers something no other material can match

Leather also appeals to the senses. It begs to be touched and over time and with wear, it becomes more supple. The deep caramel color adds beauty and warmth to any decor. And just the simple smell of leather conjures up thoughts of luxury and comfort.

We know, we know. It IS an office chair, but you work hard. Shouldn’t you have that kind of superior experience if you’re going to sit for long periods of time?

Because you know that each leather hide and the customized chair it creates are made with the same ergonomic support, craftsmanship and skill – and the attention to every detail – as every handcrafted LIFEFORM® chair we deliver.

Now’s the time to add to your story. Your chair. Your way. Let us know how it goes.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a review we received from Alex.

Functional and luxurious

We all love to occupy the chair – myself, and every vertebra of mine. The lumbar support feature is just right. Memory foam is not mushy, yet gives in and envelops my thighs. The headrest is always close by if I decide to tilt my neck. And the premium leather is sumptuous. That bovine clearly knew how to take care of the hide.