Perfectly portable. Don’t let less than ideal chair cushioning reduce your productivity and comfort.

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Upgrade your office chair – or any seat you have – easily with our portable posture support accessories. Give your body the support it needs, wherever you go. 

Tailbone issues? Back pain? Difficulty maintaining a good posture? We’ve got you covered with both seat and back support options. With simple, cost-effective solutions that provide important pelvic, leg and lumbar support – in the car, at sporting events, at the cottage.


Lifeform® Wedge Seat Cushion

Added Lift

Life is busy, and you can’t always take your ergonomic chair with you – even if it’s simply to move from your home office to your kitchen table “desk”. The Executive Wedge Seat Cushion made with temperature- and pressure-sensitive LIFE-Foam Memory Foam, allows you to sit in complete comfort wherever you are.

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Memory Foam

The LIFE-Foam temperature and pressure-sensitive memory foam reduces pressure and improves circulation, conforming to your body and returning to its original form when not in use.

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Executive Seat Cushion


Sitting On Hard Chairs Can Be – Well – Hard

Many of us working from home are sitting on hard wooden or plastic chairs. Not ideal ergonomic conditions, let’s face it. But we can improve the situation (and our focus and productivity) with a simple fix.

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Removable Coccyx Cut Out

A pre-cut removable tailbone insert can be taken out to alleviate pressure from inflamed or sensitive tailbones and relieve sciatic nerve problems.

Lifeform foam Circle Cut out

Executive Back Support Cushion

Support Your Back And Your Well-being

Maintaining proper posture while working or sitting can be difficult after long periods of time. Turn any seat into a better, more ergonomic chair with the Executive Back Support Cushion, made with LIFE-Foam Memory Foam.

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Why Choose Brisa

Brisa is a beautiful covering choice for your office chair, not only is it stylish but it is super easy to clean to CDC standards with no adverse effects to the fabric.

Let’s get creative

Executive Footrest

Take a load off your feet.
A beautiful, functional and comfortable addition to your office suite. Made with temperature-sensitive LIFE-Foam Memory Foam our memory foam footrest reduces stress on tired feet. LIFEFORM® footrest sits on a non-slip bean bag bottom, designed to move with you as you adjust your feet while you’re working. Keeping your legs active promotes circulation, leaving your body energized.

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Made with our exclusive temperature and pressure-sensitive LIFE-Foam memory foam, our posture support accessories contour to your body. As a result, you get better comfort and can stay focused longer. So you can stay and watch the end of that important game and you can stop worrying about how much longer the drive is.