Find your pain relief

Find comfort, support, and durability with LIFEFORM®

Are you tired of enduring headaches, stiffness, and lower back pain during your workday?

Your chair could be the culprit. Yes, that humble piece of furniture beneath you might hold the key to alleviating discomfort and boosting your productivity. If you find yourself constantly shifting or experiencing discomfort, it’s time to reassess your chair.

Allow us to take you on a journey to explain how a LIFEFORM® Chair can help you find long term relief with our manufacturing approach that effectively address pain and discomfort.

Person sitting in a chair with back pain.

The LIFEFORM® difference

At LIFEFORM®, we’ve perfected the balance between ergonomic design and comfort, drawing on nearly 50 years of expertise and a five-generation legacy in furniture craftsmanship. Our goal is to provide seating solutions that deliver unparalleled comfort and ergonomic support, addressing pain relief needs seamlessly.

Alt text: a women sittingcomfortably in a Lifeform Ultimate Executive 2490 office chair

Precision Crafted for Pain Relief

LIFEFORM® Chairs are engineered to alleviate pain points through targeted support. Our design process is informed by ergonomic principles that ensure each chair provides relief where it’s needed most.

Ergonomics Understood

Ergonomics is a critical factor in your daily comfort and long-term health. Proper ergonomic practices minimize the risk of pain and injury caused by repetitive strain and awkward postures.

Alt text: a young woman sitting in a palisades office chair adjusting the arm for the perfect fit

Ergonomic Adjustability Plus Comfort

With LIFEFORM®, ergonomic adjustability seamlessly integrates with comfort. Our chairs offer a wide range of adjustments, allowing users to find their perfect seating position.

Customization for Unique Pain Needs

Comfort and ergonomics are highly personal. That’s why LIFEFORM® Chairs are fully customizable, allowing each user to tailor their chair to their specific needs.

a 900 Legacy chair in white leather with a office desk behind it.

A Durable Choice

LIFEFORM® Chairs stand out for their exceptional durability, offering a wise investment that extends beyond mere comfort.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer a 10-year limited warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of our products to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Try our interactive Chair Finder quiz. It’s quick, easy, and tailored to help you discover the best chair that’s uniquely suited to you.

We’re here to help

We offer in person or online “virtual” consultations.

During your chair fitting consultation, we take the time to understand your body type, chair usage, and office set-up. Our team works with you to create a chair that fits your lifestyle, also addressing your pain relief needs.

What you can expect with your no obligation consultation.

Step 1: We Listen
Your journey begins with a conversation. We’ll ask about your workspace, how you work, and any pain or discomfort you experience. Feel free to share a photo of your home office!

a Lifeform woman customerhaving a Lifeform Consultant showing her proper posture

Step 2: We Fit
Try out different chair models in person or virtually. We’ll suggest options based on your needs and demonstrate them from our showroom. Just like shoes, your chair should fit perfectly to avoid discomfort and pain.

a Lifeform woman customer consulting about customization to a Lifeform Consultant

Step 3: You Customize
Our Specialists will guide you through customizing your chair. Choose options that suit your body type and needs. We’ll ensure your chair is tailored to you for optimal comfort.

a Lifeform woman customer closeup of hand flipping through leather swatches

Step 4: You Personalize
Design the chair of your dreams! Mix and match materials, colors, and trim to create a one-of-a-kind office chair. We’ll walk you through all the options and provide a no-obligation quote for your review.

See what our customers are saying

Wendy worked closely with the LIFEFORM® team to help her colleagues get the best comfort and support through her organization’s ergonomic program. The chairs were so successful that many of her co-workers purchased secondary chairs for use at home.