Our Makeover Contest Created a Household of Happiness

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Our Makeover Contest Created a Household of Happiness

We wanted to follow up with our Home Office Makeover Contest winner, Dave Smith, to see how he’s feeling about his new office space, his LIFEFORM® chair and how (if any) changes it made to how he works from home.

When we ran the contest last spring, our main goal was to help people understand the importance of a good work-from-home space. And, most of all, we wanted to provide the chance for people to HAVE a proper home office set up. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a dedicated space to work from home. COVID was (and still is) a thing and many of us never expected to be working from home as long as we were (and are). At the time, many who were still working from home were feeling various negative effects. These can be emotional but, also importantly, physical. A dedicated space allows you to focus better, mentally gets you into work mode, minimizes distractions, and helps create an emotional work/life difference while physically working from home.

We felt so strongly about how important a proper workspace is, we wanted to help someone who might not be able to purchase new office equipment or someone who didn’t even realize it was possible to be more comfortable. So the idea for our contest was born. Because we wanted to provide the full makeover experience, we chose to partner with 660 News, Bracko Brothers Quality Furniture, which provided a new desk, and Durango Developments who supplied some renovation support with new flooring.

After months of sitting at the kitchen table, on the couch, or at an old (or in Dave’s case, ancient) office chair, we wanted to help people be excited about working from home – and relieve their pain.

So, here’s our conversation with David:

How did you find out about the contest and what made you enter?

Dave: “I came across it on Instagram. I’ll be honest, I wanted the [LIFEFORM] chair. The other stuff (the desk from Bracko Brothers and the flooring from Durango Developments) is a bonus. I’ve got an office chair that’s about 20 years old, it’s OK but not anything special. Our backup is a chair I had when I was 10 years old, so it’s about 40 years old now.”

Are you sharing your new office with the rest of the family?

Dave: “My wife and I run (volunteer) a local Little League, so we spend a lot of time on the computer. Every evening we’re online dealing with coaches and the players’ families. I have a larger desk, with all of my stuff, so no one really uses it except me. My wife loves the new (Bracko Brothers) desk and she shares it with our son.

It actually turned out to be awesome because shortly after winning, my son got put into quarantine again… He’s in high school and he spent most of the year doing school at home. It’s great that we can share the two desks. I won’t let him claim the new chair, he tried.”

Pull Quote: “I was so happy…. Just like very happy.” [When he won.]

Were you having issues with back pain or did you just want a comfortable ergonomic office chair?

Dave: “I have a bad back. I have baseball injuries and I still play, even at 50. I don’t know my age when I’m on the field. And I’m actually coaching Little League three or four nights a week. I twisted some vertebrae in my back a few years ago.

I get really stiff in the lower back and in the hips, and I wouldn’t say it was my chair that was causing it but sitting in that position eight to twelve hours a day makes it worse. I was also looking more for comfort; my old chair wasn’t exactly comfortable. So it is a bonus to have a better chair.”

Do you find a difference now, with the LIFEFORM chair?

Dave: “Huge, yes actually. It’s so comfortable. I still get a stiff back when I sit for too long. But it’s nice because it’s got all the angles and movement and you get more flexibility. My old chair was set in one position. 

I’m on the computer all day. And when I have spare time I’m usually on the computer – looking up things – like chair contests!”

What was your experience with LIFEFORM after the contest?

Dave: “LIFEFORM was just amazing, a definite 10. Not only the quality of the product but their service; it’s really enjoyable dealing with them. It wasn’t stuffy or formal, they were very relaxed but you could see they were enjoying their business. They were quick and super friendly. As soon as the contest was over, they wanted to arrange an appointment to come down (to my home). 

They made sure they upgraded me on everything they could. They talked us into going with the higher-end stitching and it was like, “Well this is awesome! I don’t want to use all your money, I’m happy to just have the chair.” Chris was really good, he said, “No, let’s get everything on it for you.”

I want to mention Melissa who was really really great throughout the whole project. She was just awesome and made the whole experience really exciting and fun. She tried to keep everybody on track. Through the pandemic, there were delays and schedules to arrange.”

Pull Quote: The LIFEFORM team is very excited about their product, which was nice. Chris was really good. You could see he has a passion for what he’s doing. 

LIFEFORM: Would you enter another contest?

Dave: “Yes, Absolutely. It was great, I started off just wanting the chair but it turned out the flooring (from Durango Developments) is awesome. My wife hates carpet so this was great. 

It was the chair that motivated me but it really turned out the desk was equally as important, especially with my son being home. My wife’s extremely happy because she also has a place for her computer now.”

How has your new home office setup changed the way you work?

Dave: “We’re all much more productive now. Having the new flooring, with the new desk and the chair makes our bonus room look much nicer and more functional. It has definitely helped us be more organized and a little more comfortable.

It’s been, as everyone says, a difficult year when you’re stuck in the house. And especially for my son, he really has had, it’s his first year of high school, and we’ve really had challenges with him in terms of motivation which we’ve never had before. I think this being home has affected him emotionally.

The desk coming was so exciting for him. We took him to Bracko Brothers and had him help select the desk, which is why he’s now claimed it as his own.

Now seeing him having the desk – he ordered a desk pad for his mouse and computer – so he’s really motivated to come home and get on with his work.”

So, for Dave and his family, what started out as just wanted to win a comfortable chair really did create a win-win-win situation for every member of their family!

We’re so happy we were able to make them more comfortable, productive and – maybe a little addicted to contests!

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