The Lowly (and often lonely) Footrest

Executive Footrest

The Footrest is an often forgotten part of the equation when shopping for an ergonomic chair. Most of us focus on our necks, backs and shoulders, and overlook our legs and feet. This frequently ignored ergonomic accessory can be essential for comfort and avoiding injury to other parts of our bodies, not just our legs and feet.

Why get a footrest?

  1. Sitting for extended periods, as we tend to do when we work in an office, puts pressure on feet and legs. This can lead to circulation problems and discomfort. A footrest provides improved circulation and blood to your legs and feet, decreases swelling and varicose veins and helps to prevent blood clots related to deep vein thrombosis.
  2. Extended sitting can put strain on our backs. Using a footrest allows us to sit in a proper position, making contact with the back support–so we don’t slouch. This lowers the amount of muscle activity around the spine and also reduces lumbar disc pressure.
  3. Many studies indicate sitting all day is just bad for you. A footrest can be a great option to encourage movement and active sitting.
  4. A footrest is much more comfortable than sitting with your feet resting on the floor. Aside from allowing better circulation, footrests are more comfortable than hardwood, tile or carpet.

Ergonomic Tips

Maintaining correct posture while sitting is important:

  • The back should be in full contact with the chair back at all times
  • The head should be directly above the shoulders
  • The computer screen should be at eye level.
  • Hips should be slightly higher than the knees.
  • Don’t keep feet flat on the floor but move them around often.
  • Use a footrest if there is pressure on the back of the legs or if the feet cannot reach the floor.
  • The footrest should be adjustable and should support the entire foot.

Footrests are highly recommended to prevent perching on the edge of your seat, leg crossing and tucking your legs underneath you or the chair.

Give your feet a break!

To give your feet and legs the gold standard in comfort, choose a LIFEFORM® Footrest. Designed with temperature-sensitive LIFE-Foam™ material, our Footrests reduce pressure on tired feet and improve circulation.

The Footrest is adjustable, so legs can be extended at any angle. It also includes a non-slip, “bean bag” underside that moves so legs and feet can be comfortably adjusted to the proper angle. And just like our LIFEFORM® Chairs, each footrest is custom and handmade with extensive upholstery choices and contrast piping.

Your feet work hard all day–treat them to a LIFEFORM® Executive Padded Footrest–they’ll thank you!

Visit our website @ LIFEFORM Chairs Accessories for more information, or call us anytime @ 403-720-3966 or Toll Free 1-800-661-8568.