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LIFEFORM® chairs belong on your sales floor

Designs to Fit Your Store

Though LIFEFORM® has many valuable attributes you can provide to your customers, your store may not want or need everything we offer.

If you’re looking for products that are design-oriented, where you can customize the look and choose your own upholstery but aren’t necessarily interested in focusing on high ergonomics – we can help you to choose the products that will do just that.

Alternatively, if you are looking for high function with advanced ergonomics and innovation, but aren’t so keen on offering extensive design options – that’s just fine by us.

LIFEFORM® will work with you to find the appropriate products that work best for your store or situation.  Finding your perfect balance of design and ergonomics.

Quality Construction

Our dedicated craftsmen will impress you with each piece of furniture you put on your sales floor. All of our furniture is built and upholstered in-house when you order it. We source from high-quality North American suppliers ensuring years of trouble-free and reliable use. Each LIFEFORM® chair proudly bears our seal, our promise that we stand behind every chair we make.

Unheard of Customization Capabilities

LIFEFORM® chairs may be customized and personalized extensively. Our in-house capabilities allow us to truly build “Your Chair, Your Way” and provide products that can be customized to fit the look your customers want. Custom options include Contrast Stitching and Piping, Quilting, Two-Tone or Embossed Leather Inserts, Wood or Aluminum Base Trim, Leather and Fabric selections and so much more!

Comfort & Ergonomics

Everything we’re hearing these days tells us how sitting for long periods of time is bad for your health. Unfortunately, sit we must – as so many professions require us to be seated at our computers for long periods. LIFEFORM® has spent decades constantly refining our designs so we can provide products that keep you comfortable and productive. The ergonomic adjustments available on each of our chairs allows the user to “fit” the chair to their specific body type.


We often say the best chair for you is the one that fits you. It really is that simple. Every person is unique so a “one size fits all” option shouldn’t really be an option at all. Modularity is key. A modular design allows people of all different shapes and sizes to sit comfortably. LIFEFORM® offers an array of modular options including but certainly not limited to: multiple seat sizes, headrest, arm, wheelbase and casters options.

Extraordinary Customer Service

Customer service is in our blood and our long history is evidence of this valuable attribute. You will receive prompt and reliable no-nonsense care from our highly trained associates. Whether you need help with product ordering, upholstery swatches or anything else our people are ready and willing to help. They are there to answer your questions and provide you with personalized service that fits your store’s needs.

Prompt Delivery

Though custom furniture is notorious for its long lead times, LIFEFORM® is able to offer a quick turnaround for the majority of our products. Choose from our in-stock upholstery choices and we can generally ship in under 3 weeks. Our furniture is shipped via UPS Ground service across North America offering quick, highly efficient and trackable delivery. Assembly is quite simple as our chairs will arrive 80% pre-assembled.

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