Create your own luxury: a personalized, built-for-you office chair

Create your own luxury: a personalized, built-for-you office chair

Designing a custom-made office chair – meticulously hand-crafted to your exacting specifications – should be beautiful and feel like it was created just for you (because it was). Like a made-to-measure suit, simply imagining it’s welcoming comfort inspires you. Sitting in it brings you joy and gives you amazing support.

An office chair that expresses your personality perfectly, in your favorite color and in a style that suits you and your space, might not exist outside of your imagination. But let’s face it, we spend too much time sitting at work (which might now mean your new home office), to settle for that less-than-ideal chair.

Stop hunting through endless catalogs and disappointing websites, trying to find what you want. If you’re dreaming of sophisticated butter-soft leather, quilted seat comfort, and superior lumbar back support, we have what you need to help create your perfect office chair.

At LIFEFORM®, it’s all about you. That’s why we’re dedicated to making a custom chair that is not only designed by you, but it fits you perfectly. The process is obviously very different than walking into a shop and picking out a chair on the storeroom floor, but don’t be intimidated.

We support you in the creative process: you bring your wish list and inspiration and we’ll bring our expertise and innovation to realize the chair of your dreams.

First thing to consider

First things to consider

Before you begin to think about the physical office chair you want to design, there are several essential steps to consider so you get the most out of this project – and you don’t waste time or money.

  • Look at the space where you want the chair to go and decide if you want/need to change anything. Are you repurposing the space or just remodeling? What does the office chair need to work with – a desk, credenza or maybe built-ins? Even floor rugs can play an important rule in the custom design of a chair.
  • Measure your room. Determine what size of space you have and what will fit. You don’t want to overcrowd the room. Your new office chair will be a finely-crafted expression of your personality; you want to show it off, not hide it in a space full of stuff.

A good starting point for determining the size of your new chair is the overall size and critical dimensions of the other existing pieces of furniture in the space.

  • The chair style and fabric you choose will be determined by your budget and lifestyle. For more of a luxurious experience, we have premium upholstery options. Depending on the work you will be performing, chair size, features and price will also change.

Does it need to be pet and child-friendly? Will scratches to your leather be traumatic or will they add to the character of the piece? Just in case, we also offer innovative fabrics for durability and ease-of-care.

  • What other considerations do you need to think about? Do you have any neck discomfort or back pain? LIFEFORM® has many designs with various ergonomic options, in a range of prices. We can help you assess the style and design of your chosen chair to make sure the ergonomic adjustments you need are available on that model.
  • What’s your timeframe? As an investment, you want to have this one-of-a-kind, personalized chair for a long time. And you want to love it every time you sit in it. So, take the time to reflect on your needs and review your design decisions with no pressure. Be prepared to put something on huld until you come up with a design you like, or you may kick yourself later for ruining your chair. Just remember that depending on your level of customization, final construction may take several weeks.

Still have questions?

Get inspired by visiting our website to begin your design brainstorming. Define your personalization options: these allow you to create a chair unique to you through everything from choice and culour of fabric to piping and embroidery.

Then decide on what your individual customizations will be: depending on if and where you need ergonomic support. You may need the added support of a headrest or padded armrests to relieve pain. A Core Flex seat helps alleviate tension on pressure points and improves circulation.

Take a look at some of the styles in our gallery to see what makes sense for you and your lifestyle. As a guide, our High-Back (model 2390) and Mid-Back (model 2490) offer the most customization options.