Are you sitting comfortably? Finally some ergonomic office chair relief for Big & Tall users.

Are you sitting comfortably? Finally some ergonomic office chair relief for Big & Tall users

However, that’s not the case for big and tall people. A good office chair that is an appropriate fit for larger people must not only support a heavier weight, but it has to be large enough – and comfortable – in several other essential design aspects.

We’re talking about considerations like extra room in the seat and a longer backrest. So you don’t end up feeling like you’re about to explode like a shaken can of soda after sitting at your desk all day.

At LIFEFORM®, many people come to us looking for relief and comfort because they know we tailor our chairs to fit the individual needs of our customers. Most of our chair models can be customized for your big and tall frame.

So, what is a big and tall person to do?

There are some very specific ergonomic options to look for when shopping for an office chair where you can be comfortable, productive, and focused for extended periods of time. We try our best to make things easy. This is certainly true working with modular furniture. Though each of our office chair models has preselected parts, it’s almost always possible to interchange them with parts from other chair models in order to create the chair that fits and works the very best for you.

There are some very specific ergonomic options to look for when shopping for an office chair where you can be comfortableSeat options

  • Seat width: We have both a Deep Contour seat, which is a wider and deeper seat option, with more pronounced contouring. It measures 24” width x 20” depth, and an XL Contour, which measures 24” width x 22” depth
  • Seat slider (also called a ‘pan’): With up to an extra 3” of seat depth extension, our seats are designed to handle taller people. Ideally, you should have a minimum space of two finger widths from behind your knee to the edge of the chair. This encourages blood flow behind the knees
  • Seat height adjustment: Being able to move your seat up and down is essential for a taller person. Ensuring the proper height, your hips should be slightly higher than the knees also opens the pelvis allowing blood to flow freely through upper and lower body
  • Memory foam: Our exclusive LIFE-Foam Memory Foam seat has an added high-density foam core, which assures your chair will never bottom out

Weight capacity: Some of our office chair models have a warranty weight capacity of 350 pounds.

Back and neck support

  • Backrest: The backrest moves up and down with our ratchet technology, allowing you to get the ergonomic lumbar support where you need it. Maximum height??
  • Headrest: Many of our office chair models are available with either a built-in headrest or an added cushion so you have neck support as well.

Adjustable armrests: Because sometimes both the height and width of the arm brackets need to be adjustable. Moving the armrests away from you can increase your mobility and comfort, especially if you’re not using the keyboard. But if you need them, they can be moved back into place to minimize tension in your shoulders and strain on your wrists.

Thermaguard temperature-regulating technology: Therma-Guard PCMs (Phase Change Materials) will actually absorb body heat and trap it away while you sit – keeping your body temperature constant and comfortable. Look for breathable fabrics like our Brisa fabric or natural leather.

Warranty: As a testament to the quality of workmanship, build and components, LIFEFORM® Chairs offer a lifetime warranty on most parts of our chairs.

Additional customization options for big and tall people (like a gas-assisted seat lift for additional height or an upgraded, sturdier base) are also available. Our amazing Customer Service representatives are ready and willing to answer your questions or if you need more specific information on how to get your perfect ergonomic office chair.

So you can DRINK that can of soda instead of feeling like one under pressure (just don’t shake it first!)

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