Add a feel-good dopamine splash to your office decor.

Add a feel-good dopamine splash to your office decore.

What do Strawberries & Cream and an Electric Blue Pantsuit Have In Common?

One single molecule is the common thread that runs between many things we would never (normally) associate with each other. Delicious food. Bright Fuschia pants. A walk through the forest.

The list is long…

This molecule is produced by your brain. And it’s so powerful, you can’t escape its influence. In fact, it’s probably driving your behavior right now.

It’s called dopamine.

You’ve heard of it before, but you probably know it as the pleasure molecule.

When you’re comfortable and life is good, your brain releases chemicals like dopamine and serotonin, which lead to happy feelings. And of course, these chemicals have all kinds of healthy effects on us like improving our digestion, memory and focus, and allowing us to sleep better.

On the flip side, when you’re uncomfortable or unfamiliar with a situation, you can experience negative feelings, such as anxiety or fear.

Now, before you become worried we’re going to get all scientific and gloomy on you, relax! We’ve had enough negativity and doom over the past few years. We’re here to embrace positivity, playfulness, and pleasure.

Blissful Buzz for 2022



Pinterest is predicting this year will be the year of feel-good dopamine blasts. While they’re mainly focused on how we dress – electric blue pantsuits and rainbow dresses – we thought it would be wonderful to show you how WE at LIFEFORM® add dopamine to our world.

Because the trend is all about having fun – we extend that enthusiasm to include our office chairs. Specifically, expressing our personalities through creating a fun, unique chair that includes splashes of color. Or perhaps you’re more about creating a unique pattern that makes you smile every time you catch a glimpse of your chair. Something that sparks a conversation.

With the wide variety of beautiful texture and fabric options, we thought perhaps we could try the addition of a flashy embroidered flower or two-tone leather.

And if you’re looking to extend the experience past the chair, the design for your office could also include mixing bold colors and patterns with neutrals so it’s not too overwhelming. There is a fine line between revelry and regret. Eclectic art pieces and decor in bright colors can be combined with bold lighting, rich wall tones, and colorful accents.

Feeling Good By Doing Good

While color and texture are a few ways to have a Dopamine hit, many of us are happy when we know we’re doing good – for ourselves and the planet. Like using responsibly sourced, local products.

Did you know about our upholstery?

  • Our beautiful leather is responsibly sourced through our partnership with Moore & Giles, a family-owned business, headquartered in Virginia since 1933. Their practices meet or exceed standards of government regulations for environmental responsibility
  • We use Brisa Ultrafabric, which is odorless, skin-friendly, and allergen-free. These materials are PVC-free and do not contain POPs, formaldehyde, heavy metals, or phthalates
  • DreamWeave produces little to no waste during production. Most patterns are made with 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester and are Certified Carbon Neutral. All Dream Weave fabrics are proudly made in the U.S.

No matter how you get your hit of dopamine and all those feel-good emotions, whether you create a beautiful color palette or (and!) you choose responsible products to do it, we believe it’s time to express yourself and your individuality.

Who knew you can improve your health simply by wearing your vibrant electric blue pantsuit and eating your delicious dessert too?